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Colorado Rangers

Established in 1861, the Colorado Rangers served as Colorado’s first statewide law enforcement agency until the 1920s.

The Colorado Rangers Law Enforcement Shared Reserve (CLER) was formed in 2017 as a Colorado government and statewide Law Enforcement Agency supporting numerous Law Enforcement agencies and governments throughout Colorado as their police reserves.  CLER operates under the original 1861 agency name of Colorado Rangers with Colonel Ronald Abramson as Agency Chief.

The Colorado Rangers operate their own POST Certified Reserve Police Academy which has graduated nine classes through 2022.  

Rangers perform their duties without any compensation in order to give back to the communities as well as to support and serve alongside those who have chosen Law Enforcement as their full time career.


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Become a Colorado POST Certified Reserve Police Officer!

Do you have a current Colorado POST Basic or Reserve certification?

Do you have an expired Colorado POST Basic certification that you can renew?

Do you have a POST certification from another state and qualify for Colorado POST Provisional certification?

If none of the above, then consider attending our POST Reserve Police Academy.

Current / Previous Certification

If you have a current Colorado POST Basic or Reserve Certification, you may apply now to become a Reserve Police Officer with the Colorado Rangers without needing to attend our Reserve Police Academy.  Please note that we are unable to provide you with a “dual commission” whereby you are a sworn peace officer with another agency and the Colorado Rangers.

If you previously held a Colorado POST Basic (not Reserve) Certification in good standing which has expired, you may have the option to renew it.  For more information on renewals go HERE.

No Certification or Expired Reserve

Classes in our POST Reserve Police Academy are held on Saturday and Sunday across most weekends along with some Friday evenings.  

Duty Hours Requirement

In return for attending our Colorado POST Reserve Police Academy without paying tuition you will have a duty commitment of a minimum of 450 approved duty-related hours in total within your first three (3) years of service with our Agency with a minimum of 150 hours of those hours recorded each year.  Attending our Academy is a very significant value and Cadets will have a financial responsibility if they fail to accumulate the required number of approved duty-related hours after being sworn in as a Colorado Ranger.

All new Rangers, including those that are already POST Certified when sworn in and commissioned with our Agency, are required to log a minimum of 150 approved duty-rated hours per year to remain in good standing.

Agency Sponsored Tuition

To support other agencies that do not have their own POST Reserve Police Academy program, we may offer a limited number of slots in our Academy classes.  In this case, another law enforcement agency accepts you and pays the tuition for you to attend our POST Reserve Police Academy.

Self-Funded Tuition

For those who want to acquire the Colorado POST Reserve Certification now and then apply to a Colorado law enforcement agency later as a Reserve Police Officer or Reserve Deputy, we also may offer a very limited number of slots where you pay the tuition.

Colorado Rangers Reserve Police Academy
Colorado Rangers Police Rifle
Colorado Rangers Reserve Police Academy


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